lunedì 9 febbraio 2015

about time...

I've missed this place. Really.

In my head, I've written a lot of posts in these last two years and shared many crafty things, and a lot of my life.
In reality, we're now a family of four (surprise!) and life is busier than ever. But with the yougest now 18 months old, there's time again. Time to craft, to write, to document.

It would feel really weird to write now about little G. and about how happy we are, considering that this tiny blog of mine has very few readers and it would feel like I was talking to myself - which I do, but that aside.

Aren't baby feet the cutest thing ever? 

Instead, let's just pretend this long silence never happened and get on with things, shall we? Let's talk about what made me finally decide to get back to blogging, the final push I really needed.

For a few years now, I've been secretly admiring all the creative mamas participating to KCW. Looking at the great things they managed to produce, but not feeling quite ready to join the fun.

And then, I found out the the theme this time would be upcycling and that really appealed to me. I've been thinking a lot lately about where our clothes come from and suddenly it all came together: the desire to make more time for crafting, to make things for the kids and to be part of a community of like minded people.

A sneak preview of my projects

So here I am. KWC is not over and I have two finished projects to account for it, while life managed to get in the way in the form of a teething baby and leaky window. But never mind. I am back now, and that feels good.

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