venerdì 14 settembre 2012

watch this space

In a few days, we'll be leaving for a short holiday in Italy. We're looking forward to seeing family and friends, swimming in the sea and eating good food.

But we already have big plans for when we come back home. We'll be spending the last week of our holiday working on the house, while the little guy is at kindergarten.

This is what the master bedroom looked like when we first saw it. Including the floral curtains and the fake flowers. Yep, as fake as they get.

The big guy will work on the attic, you know, big important work with serious power tools. I am planning much more cosmetic/superficial work in our bedroom. When we bought the house, this was one of the rooms in best condition (you'll have to use your imagination for the other ones, these pictures are embarrasing enough). We basically just moved our (mismatched) furniture in, and concentrated on other parts of the house.

Do you notice the desert storm theme going on in here?

Bit by bit, though, things have gotten worse. Moving boxes (both fully and empty) started to appear. Lack of storage and organization became apparent when piles of clothes/books/magazines/toys started taking over the space. But things got really out of control when the time came to empty the attic so that the big guy could start renovating that part of the house. So much so for preserving a haven of peace, etc., etc.
Now, with winter approaching, I feel that the time has come to reclaim this space.

Luckily, that ugly monster of a wardrobe was no longer there when we moved in. Not that the replacement we bought at Emmaus is much more glamorous. But we'll have to make it work.

So, here's a list of things I would like to do:
  1. paint 3 walls out of 4 white
  2. paint the ceiling white
  3. paint the wall behind our bed a very dark blue
  4. make and install curtains
  5. choose art for the walls
  6. look for bedside tables
  7. finish reupholstering chair
  8. hang lights on both sides of the bed
  9. finish headboard
  10. (ask the big guy to) hang shelves in the alcove
  11. reorganize closet
  12. find hooks for on the wall
  13. shoe storage?
Will I manage all of this in three days (the little guy goes to kindergarten 3 days out of 5)? Of course not. Still, it's good to have a to-do list, it helps me visualizing what I would like this space to look like.

Bear in mind, most of this is just temporary (for, say, the next 10 years). In the long run, we'd like to replaster all the walls in the room, redo the ceiling, get a custom made closet, etc. For now, we'd just like to get a nice bedroom where we can relax at the end of the day. And whatever else you do in a bedroom. Like, sleep. 

The view from the bedroom. I hope that never changes. 
Stay tuned.

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